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Welcome to The Studio, where substance meets style.

Brand Identity Design, Brand Strategy, and Creative Consulting


Sublation Studio combines the best of many worlds.


Together, let's make what we create look good, solve a problem, and perform well. Collaboration, purpose, and providing value are at the core of the process. Enjoy the big-picture thinking of a branding agency with the hands-on collaboration of a dedicated graphic designer.


Brand Audit

Together we’ll review your current brand identity and assess opportunities for improvement. You’ll be equipped with a strategy to maximize your brand’s impact through design. Recommended for businesses with existing visual identities.

Let’s Deep-Dive →


Brand Identity

Through exploration of your brand, audience, and goals, a unique visual identity can be developed that you’ll be confident to launch. Recommended for new businesses seeking brand clarity or established businesses seeking to rebrand.

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The Process



Before we focus on making your brand look good, we’ll get to know it better. Once we know what you do, how, why, and for whom, a custom creative strategy using visual identity and collateral can be developed for your business goals.


the portfolio

Show and Tell

Whether your industry is real estate, film-making, health and wellness, or anything in-between, creative strategy can be applied to help you achieve your business goals. Review previous client work to get a glimpse into the thought-process and results.