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Welcome to the Sublation Studio podcast! I'll be touching on everything from design to philosophy to gender to music to sports and much more in-between! Transcripts are available at sublationstudio.com and feel free to reach out on Twitter or Instagram (@sublationstudio) anytime!

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00:00 - Hello and welcome to the first Sublation Studio podcast. I would love to say what this is going to be about in a cute, concise, clever line but I don’t quite have that yet. Basically I’m navigating from client services to this new place that I want to explore and I’m really excited about so there’s going to be a lot of umms, awkward pauses, rephrasing of things. I’m basically not doing much editing, it’s going to be on the fly with a little bit of a script and we’ll see what happens.

00:31 - It’s going to be all over the place as I navigate, see what the voice is, what’s important, and just make sure I’m not adding to all the content noise that’s already out there. Everyone’s already scrolling, scrolling, and skimming, skimming, and power skipping so I want to make sure it’s relevant for you guys. Something you actually care about, something you actually connect to. What I can say is that a big part of it will be, buzzword alert, diversity, inclusion, and intersectionality in all of its various forms. You know, art, music, math. It’s going to touch on philosophy, sports, race, gender, sexuality, and everything in between.

01:08 - Because "Sublation", the word itself, basically comes from a concept from this philosopher Hegel, who I hope I’m pronouncing his name right. And his work about the concepts of Being and Nothing basically changed my life and it just lead me down this path of ontology but that's a whole long talk for another day. Basically the dope stuff is Sartre's existentialism in the book "Being and Nothingness", Husserl's phenomenology, Heidegger's book "Being and Time" - really dope, deep-dive stuff. But anyways, the point of it is, that the word sublation itself is basically when you combine two things and you create something that’s better than either thing was separately and the cool part is that you’re not destroying the original things. So, I mean, how cool is that? It’s integration without elimination, without reduction. You know, it’s synthesis without loss. It gives you this resulting unique idea that’s even superior, that basically incorporates and accommodates the original two. You know, and as complex or as crazy as that sounds, honestly at its simplest form it really does relate to a lot of things in life.

02:15 - And for me, that simultaneous destruction and preservation of things that just borderlines self-contradiction, it’s so central to a lot of things in my life. It’s basically intersectionality sprinkled all over. Ethnicity, interests, my ability, gender, and so much more. You know, these things of being black and being a woman. Being a philosopher and a graphic designer. Being hard-of-hearing but loving music. Being someone that, I love to help others but I’m also borderline painfully introverted and anxiety-ridden. Self-diagnosed, by the way. You know, just being methodical. I like symbolic logic but I’m also impulsive and I think abstractly.

03:00 - And I find that people with these dualities, with these dichotomies, or just anyone with just, you know, varying interests across the spectrum, especially in the creative fields, they can relate to this. You know, you’re just constantly reevaluating your values, you’re creating new norms, you’re rebuilding your base structures and values, your base perspectives. So, you know, Sublation Studio basically started from the thought of "how can I combine all these things that I love  or at least touch on a few things that interact with each other and just talk about it with other people that "get" it". Other people that love it. Other people that love dissecting it. That you know, even that just want to be like “Mhm, yup, I get that“

03:42 - So you know, the podcast, sometimes it’s going to be fun and funky and sometimes it's going to be rough stuff to navigate and stuff to confront. But basically I'm just going to try my best to always be transparent, to keep it real, share my experiences, you know, learn from failures along the way and celebrate the wins and reflect on everything in between.  I really hope to collaborate with other artists and entrepreneurs, get some new perspectives in here, get some other ideas, thoughts, exchange, feedback, conversation going. And you know, I hope that ultimately listeners find value in these interactions - so whether it's through the podcast, blog, social media, or whatever, I just hope it’s really valuable and connects to people.

04:24 - So if you want, you can visit sublationstudio.com, the blog will have a transcript of this because hell yeah, accessibility! So that’s s-u-b-l-a-t-i-o-n-s-t-u-d-i-o. Whew! Dot com. Sublationstudio dot com. We're also on Instagram and Twitter at the same handles, love to chat so reach out anytime. I just realized I said "we" instead of “me” or “I”, like I'm a big studio. Full disclosure, I am not. Riding solo through this crazy journey of entrepreneurship. But anyways, thank you for taking the time out to listen, looking forward to chatting with you all, and see you on the next episode!