Celebrating Online Learning

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Education is privilege for some but will hopefully become a right for all. The internet and technology has made it more affordable and accessible than ever. Support the community of online learners and celebrate their future in education. Whether you learned a new language online, are an e-course creator yourself, or forged your own hybrid path of in-person instruction with remote courses, share your online learning story with #OnlineLearningDay.

Shout-out to my favorites!

Creators: @itsaustinsaylor (Lettering Animation), Thad Cox (Freelance Education for Creatives), @esilverdesign (Pattern Design & Licensing), and @seanwes (Courses for Creative Professionals)

Platforms: @creativelive, @skillshare, @motiondesignschool, @schoolofmotion.

Let me know your favorite platform or e-course provider as I love getting recommendations!


Thanks to everyone that has been letting me know YOUR fave platforms and creators.

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