Design Challenge: Dollar Store Cracker Packaging


For this #DesignChallenge, I hit up the beloved Dollar Store! Just because something is affordable, doesn't mean it has to look cheap. A lot of the #packaging was a copy of a more well-known brand. So to make a wannabe treat more yummy to the eyes, I gave it a unique twist. 

Original Packaging & The Rules

I set a time limit to avoid perfectionism and force quick iterations.

Original Packaging: Stauffer Biscuit Company

Original Packaging: Stauffer Biscuit Company

Getting Started

I reviewed content on the box to decide what was necessary and what could be ditched. A little research on the company and their other products gave me a better idea of their branding.



I did a few quick sketches of basic concepts and quickly settled on a palette as the timer was winding down.


The Result

I managed 2 decent concepts before the timer went off.

Redesign by SBLTN. Mockup Credit: Pixeden

Redesign by SBLTN. Mockup Credit: Pixeden

⁣But kids, do as I say and not as I do!

Remember, for side projects or learning, it's fine to design just for aesthetics but I wouldn't advise this with client work. Do the deep-dive to find out crucial client information: who their target audience is, what they do best in their industry, business goals they have, etc. Use that information to guide your design decisions.

Tell me what product would you most want the chance to re-design? Anything you're thinking about re-designing just for fun?