Canva vs Adobe Spark Post


Let's talk tools!

For those less experienced with designing graphics, what are you using? I've recently been testing Adobe Spark Post (ASP) vs. Canva. Here are a few of my findings:


1. Fonts

ASP allows access to Adobe Fonts while Canva is primarily Google Fonts. There is some overlap between the two providers, or some close alternatives, but if you have a specific brand typeface (or don't want to deal with manually uploading .OTFs), check to see if it's available on the platform.

2. Resizing

Canva offers a resize feature with a paid account but Adobe subscribers automatically have acess to the premium Spark Post account, which includes a resizer - so your Instagram post can be easily remade for Pinterest, IG stories, and more.

3. Animations

ASP's mobile app allows for basic animations such as sliding text in and zooming into photos which can be saved as a video and shared on IG Stories - adding a nice visual touch beyond static images.

4. Layout

There isn't a multi-page feature in ASP app like in Canva, therefore, if you're making IG Stories, each screen/slide is it's own file - which can be cumbersome for editing and exporting.

5. Assets for Purchase

Canva offers assets for sale such as icons and images that you can quickly purchase and use before exporting the final file.


I will still use Canva's desktop version for creating templates that I sell but may stick with ASP mobile app to create branded graphics for social media when I'm on the go. These are just a few specifics about my experience with both. If you'd like to know more (interface, integrations, etc), leave a comment below and let's chat!