What if I need services that aren't listed on this page?

When you get in touch, be sure to mention any extra services you may need. We can discuss them during your design consultation and I can provide you with a seperate quote. If it’s something beyond my expertise, I may have some recommendations for you.

Most of your samples are real estate related. That’s not my industry. Can you still help me?

Transition is a part of life. While I may have had the most design experience in real estate, creative solutions can apply to any industry. I have a variety of interests, broad knowledge bank, and am eager to learn from those with other specialties. Whether your business is fashion, cakes, or high-tech gadgets, I’m sure we can work together!

Do you do copywriting?

I can help you brainstorm a tagline, mission statement, or short messaging for your brand. Lengthy copy for brochures or websites is not service I provide. I may have a qualified copywriter in my network I can refer you to.

Do you do website design? or We need a large e-commerce website or something with more functionality than Squarespace or Wix. Can you help?

It would be a disservice to you to offer something I don’t specialise in and therefore website design is not available through me however, I may have some recommendations for you. If we work together on your branding and then you hire a web designer/developer, it may be possible for me to serve as a consultant on the project to make sure the design is consistent with your brand identity. This service is offered at an hourly rate and is only available if I did the branding since I can’t speak to the creative thought process or intention of a another designer that executed your branding.

I can DIY my branding. Why hire a professional?

Can you get by with Canva for social media assets and a pre-made logo? Sure. Can you get further with professional branding? Absolutely. You’ve invested in other aspects of your business, why not invest in creative strategy? Professional branding strrategically creates an identity that communicates your brand’s personality, targets your ideal audience, and executes aesthetic decisions aligned with your business goals. Working with a professional designer is a collaborative process that leverages your expertise and niche knowledge with the vision and skills of the creative. Branding can differentiate your business from competitors, create a visual memory, build customer/client loyalty, and get the attention of potential customers/clients.

I already know what I want the brochure to look like. I just need someone to create it, and maybe make it pop. Can you help?

I enjoy when potential clients are exercising their creative thought! However, in cases like this I’m likely not good fit for your project since you are looking solely for a technician. My process and rates are not for production work.

The brand identity is already established and there’s a small project coming up that we need ASAP. Can you help?

My work is primarily creating new brand identities and I enjoy working with clients. It sounds like you need a designer who focuses on production work. I recommend you develop a relationship with a designer (perhaps on retainer) that you can use for these ongoing needs.

Can you design just a logo for me? I don’t need the strategy workshop.

The short story: I position myself as a collaborative professional and not a task-focused technician therefore I do not offer one-off à la carte services. I offer collateral only as add-ons to purchased packages or as part of an on-going client relationship.

The true story: Problem-solving, collaboration, and providing value are at the core of the process, so we’ll get to know your brand, audience, and goals before we invest in making things look great. It’s difficult to assess areas of improvement and opportunity without knowing your brand, customer pain points, etc. It’s important to spend time listening to your story before any solutions are offered because every business is different.

The workshop ensures that:

  1. The client has done critical thinking internally and there is alignment on business goals, brand messaging, etc prior to introducing design and deliverables.

  2. There is purposeful branding aligned with your businesses’ specific goals, customers, and definition of success. It’s important to be objective-oriented instead of task-oriented.

Wanting to rebrand just for the sake of a new look isn’t a solution or strategic move. Instead, consider this: is the goal of the rebrand so that the aesthetic communicates a message that is valuable to your target audience, thus attracting more buyers and increasing revenue?

For existing businesses, it helps evaluate the brand’s strengths and uncover what can be improved upon. Sometimes the workshop uncovers that the client only needs a brand refresh, instead of a new one (thus saving them money!). As cliché as it sounds, your success is my success so getting dirty now means smoother sailing later on. If you want to just dive into design, I suggest hiring a technician or designer specializing in production work.

There will be a conference or video call with the project’s point of contact, necessary stakeholders, and the designer. Please schedule at least 1.5 to 2 hours for this. We will answer key questions about your brand, brainstorm for tactics, and collaborate on the best way to achieve your business goals through design. To have the most efficient session possible, there is a workbook for all clients to complete prior to the workshop. To ensure you get the most out of your time, money, and resources, the workshop is a required part of my design process.


Working Together

What’s the first step in getting started?

Once you get in touch with me via the inquiry form [link], I’ll reach out with some information. If my services are a good fit for your needs, you can book a time for a complimentary consultation call. Usually these are about 20 minutes to learn more about you, your business, and the project’s goals.

How soon can we start?

This depends on my availability, production timeline needed for your specific project, etc. To dedicate sufficient time to each client, I limit the number of clients per month and therefore may not be available at the time of your request. On the consultation call, we’ll go over a timeline together so I can determine a project start date. If you have a particular deadline or time frame, please include that in the details of your questionnaire [LINK]. Rush projects will have a rush fee added to the deposit invoice.

How long will the project take?

There are a couple of factors that will affect the timeline of your project. Mostly, client response time and what the project is covering (scope). A typical brand experience project takes about 4 weeks to complete. If there are additional marketing pieces involved or project scope is more than what's listed above, the timeline will be longer.

What do you need from me throughout the project?

Most importantly, your expertise and open mind! Collaboration is essential to my approach as we learn from each other, everyone bringing their own skills to the table.

Depending on the project scope, the assets I request may vary but usually include things like all text/copy needed for content, reference images, previous branding collateral if we’re doing a re-brand, etc. If you aren’t ready with your materials by the workshop date, the deadlines will be delayed and we will postpone your project.

We’ll also need your prompt feedback and responses during the process. In order to stay on track, we’ll need any approvals and refinements to be completed as quickly as possible in order to stick to our timeline. Failure to provide the content or feedback by the agreed upon deadlines could result in rescheduling the project, or added rescheduling fees - details of which are included in the contract.

Do I have to use this portal?

Not if you actually enjoy digging through emails, trying to track down where you downloaded files, and delaying the project by forgetting payment dates. I encourage efficienciency throughout the process and the client portal helps do just that! It displays the project schedule to help meet deadlines, gives clients 24/7 access to legal documents, as well as consolidates feedback and communication.

I own everything when the project is done, right?

That depends on the Agreement specific to your project. As standard, limited rights are licensed to the client but there are a variety of options (including full transfer of rights) that can be discussed. Together we’ll work out what’s best for your needs and usage.

Pricing & Payments

How does payment work?

A project is usually split into 3 invoices: A 30% non-refundable deposit is required upfront to secure your spot in my schedule and includes the brand strategy workshop. 35% of the remaining project cost is due at the start of your project (right after the workshop and just before design begins). The final 35% is due when the project is complete but before the final files are handed over.

What if I can’t afford the services at this time?

Every business is in at a different stage and that’s okay! There are options:

  1. We may be able to discuss a project with a reduced scope or perhaps break the project up into phases that work better with your financial situation.

  2. Depending on the project, I may have someone in my network within your budget.

  3. If your business isn’t at the stage for custom work yet, feel free to check out templates in my shop [LINK] that might be enough to get you up and running.


If I’m printing collateral, is that included in the price?

Prices quoted on the proposal are for services only. They don’t include printing, fonts, subscription services, etc. These items can be paid for by the client out-of-pocket (such as when working with a local print vendor) or invoiced separately (such as when I purchase/license fonts).

What about the printing of my project?

I can be as hands-on or hands-off as the client needs.

Some clients have trusted print vendors they already use and simply need print-ready files to supply the vendor. Since the client receives print-ready files as part of the project, there is no additional cost to the client.

Other clients just need vendor recommendations and prefer to communicate directly with the vendor of their choice. That’s not a problem! The client will receive the print-ready files and my recommendations, free of charge.

When needed, I can manage the entire printing process for you as a Vendor Associate. I will source/recommend vendors, obtain quotes, and be the point of communication throughout the production and delivery. In this case, there will be a vendor associate fee added to the project. Please note that if you are not in the U.S. tri-state area (NY, NJ, CT) and I am managing the printing process, this may extend the project timeline to account for receiving and reviewing samples. The client pays the printer’s bill separately, which saves you money since you won’t incur mark-up charges, and you’ll have a relationship established with the printer so you can easily order reprints directly.




Do I really have to fill out this form? Is the Strategy Workshop really necessary? Let's just get started!

Can you cook a meal without knowing the ingredients? While the form may seem tedious, it’s helpful in ensuring we’re a good fit and that this is a beneficial next step for your business. The workshop ensures purposeful branding aligned with your businesses’ specific goals, customers, and definition of success. For existing businesses, it helps evaluate the brand’s strengths and uncover what can be improved upon. Sometimes the workshop uncovers that the client only needs a brand refresh, instead of a new one (thus saving them money!). As cliché as it sounds, your success is my success so getting dirty now means smoother sailing later on. If you want to just dive into design, I suggest hiring a technician or designer specializing in production work.

Do you have business hours?

In a culture of hustle, hustle, hustle, I like to encourage life/work balance for both clients and myself. With that in mind, office hours are Monday to Friday between 10am and 4pm EST (Timezone Converter). If you’ve emailed during outside these hours or holidays, you can expect a response during the next business day. When my booking is closed during vacations this will be noted plainly on the site so that clients can schedule accordingly.


I’m not sure if I’m ready to start something quite yet. Can we chat first? or I need to talk about some things that the form didn’t ask for. Can we chat?

It’s a big ask to have someone give up their hard-earned money and infinitely valuable time to a stranger on the internet. I get it. I want to ensure that our collaboration is mutually beneficial, and that includes answering questions you may have. Feel free to reach out via [EMAIL ADDY] and we can set up a free consultation call. If you’ve already completed the questionnaire, just let me know. Even if we don’t work together, I hope I can help either point you in the right direction or provide you with someone in my network that can be of help to you.

Why wasn’t my project accepted?

I wouldn’t want to waste anyone’s time or money and therefore don’t accept projects if it isn’t a good fit for all involved. Many things factor into this decision: my skillset and the client’s needs, business niche, budget, etc. I will however try to provide alternative resources or recommend someone else in my network that my be able to help.