International Podcast Day

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Podcasting as a medium has exploded.

While some say its heyday is over, others think it's just getting started. International Podcast Day (September 30) celebrates the power of podcasters, listeners, podcast enthusiasts, and leaders in the podcasting industry. Although my podcast is only 8 episodes in, I'm always learning new ways to produce and distribute content. Be on the lookout for the re-launch as I change the format, add some sweet intro music, and hang out with more guests!

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Although my queue is a bit out of control, there are some podcasts I try not to miss an episode of!

@DianaGetsSocial - All things social media, content creation, and mindset

Go Off, Sis Podcast presented by @r29unbothered with @dbcadet @lauriseirl @chan_inthecity @theglogoddess - The experience of being a Black woman in America while celebrating community and Black voices

@BrownAmbitionPodcast (Instagram) with @thebudgetnista and @mandimoney - Building wealth while balancing life and a career

@pimpyourbrilliance by Monique Malcom - Showing creatives how to monetize their brilliance and run their businesses without being overwhelmed

Share Your Faves

In celebration of International Podcast Day (September 30), share your faves in the comments below - even if it's your own!

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Podcast Gear

Being an entrepreneur means using what you have to get to where you want. I waited until a bundle of gear I wanted went on sale because I couldn’t afford all the fancy equipment the pros were suggesting. The quality was worlds better than my phone (but nothing wrong with getting started on that!)

I’m looking forward to learning more about the tech and process of podcasting but for now, here’s what I’m currently using. Got a suggestion? Drop it in the comments!