Diversity in Stock Photography


Representation matters so here are stock photography sites making the effort to embrace a broader spectrum. I hope more designers, photographers, and asset platforms continue to drive this trend forward. Are there any inclusive photographers or photography sites you want to share? ⁣⁣

The Gender Spectrum Collection by Broadly

0502 PhotographyMonth2.jpg

The Gender Spectrum Collection by Broadly - Over 180 images of 15 Trans and Non-Binary models, shot by artist/photographer @zackarydrucker. Free @vice⁣⁣⁣


The Natural Women Collection by Canva

0502 PhotographyMonth3.jpg

The Natural Women Collection by Canva - Canva worked with select photographers from around the world to capture and curate a collection of stock photos that authentically depicts #women of all shapes, sizes, skin tones, and ages. Some photography is available for free @canva⁣


Women of Color in Tech by Flickr

WOC in Tech by Flickr - Started in 2015, this massive Flickr photostream - 514 photos and counting! - portrays #WomenOfColor from all corners of the #tech ecosystem. This collection began as a Twitter campaign to cultivate a community around women and non-binary people of color. Photography requires attribution @flickr⁣


The Disability Collection by Getty

0502 PhotographyMonth9.jpg

The Disability Collection by Getty - Considering that one in five people in the world live with a #disability, the lack of representation in the media was bleak: only 2% of images reflected the lives of disabled people. In response, Getty Images partnered with Oath and the National Disability Leadership Alliance to create a growing collection of imagery that breaks stereotypes and more authentically portrays the lives of individuals with disabilities. Photography requires compensation @gettyimages⁣