Sublation, abbreviated “SBLTN”, is a design and discussion powerhouse with a focus on collaboration and storytelling.

As a multi-faceted brand, we have 3 branches: The Studio, The Lab, and The Cut. The Studio offers strategy-led design services for clients and solution-focused digital products for customers. The Lab offers creative inspiration, mentorship, and entrepreneur advice for designers. The Cut aims to create an intersectional community through authentic dialogue, our podcast, and merch.

“Sublation” refers to a concept introduced by the German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel.

This term suggests that when seemingly contradictory things or ideas intersect, they have the potential to produce something more powerful than either could alone. An example: "being" and "nothing" are both preserved and changed through sublation in the concept of "becoming". At it’s best, sublation is integration without elimination.

We are each a complex blend of -isms and contradictions. Embracing this leads to creative insights and solutions as well as connection with others. Marketing, advertising, and social media aims to deconstruct consumers – often because this makes delivering something useful to them seem more manageable. But we think better solutions and fulfilling self-expression happens when we choose to elevate contradictions, embrace nuance, and create layered yet meaningful products and discussions. 

In our approach to design, creative strategy, and building communities, we strive to produce work and products that are inspired by these insights and intersectionality. Your business is more than one thing. Your audience is more than just metrics. We’re all an integration of things: interests, race/ethnicity, gender identity, ability, and so much more! Here at SBLTN, we’re passionate about connection so reach out any time!


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